Best 4th of July Fireworks on the East Coast

Best  4th of July Fireworks on the East Coast

2016 brings much patriotism excitement with the upcoming presidential election and the historic ending of America’s first African American President.  The 4th of July for many is a time to celebrate our country’s freedoms and the ideals that we strive to achieve.

My 4th of July memories are of a fun day of celebration. Growing up in North Jersey the day started early with a parade.  As a young girl I always marched in the 4th of July parade whether it was with the Cheerleading Squad, Baton Twirlers or Girl Scouts- I was there. I remember the excitement  as we marched closer to the corner near my house.  My family and friends would all be sitting in one of those weaved aluminium lawn chairs, waving and cheering the parade marchers on.

I can’t forget the cook-outs, sparklers and Slip & Slides, then completing the day off with the evening fireworks.

Just think , you can still find those good times up and down the east coast where you will find exciting & extravagant firework displays.

To help you plan your own 4th of July great memories check out the links to a list of Best 4th of July fireworks on the East Coast.





District of Columbia




New Jersey

New York


Rhode Island



Happy 4th, and as always stay safe.


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