Amusement Park Fun & Discount Coupons

Amusement Park Fun & Discount Coupons

Dear Thrill Seekers,

Whether you thought your summer break was long or you thought it was too short get ready for the last couple of weeks to get some fun in the sun.

If you haven’t yet gone to an amusement park, now is the time to get your roller coaster thrill and your water slide fun on. Although many parks are open for October events, water rides usually close by or shortly after Labor Day.

Amusement parks bring back so many memories. They have been around a long time and still bring the fun, excitement and the great food of your childhood. As a young child, I remember going to Palisades Park and Coney Island. As an adult with my family in tow I remember going to Disney, Six Flags America, Kings Dominion and Bush Gardens to name a few. There were always plenty of pictures and stories to tell about each car ride & adventure.

Although it brings much fun, remember to always follow safety rules and keep an eye out for the young ones.

Plan ahead and be sure to look for coupons or discounts. A family of 4 can cost a pretty penny to get into most of these parks. Below are some of the discounts I found that might help you save money.



1.  2.5 Star Hummelstown Hotel near Hershey Park

2. Capital Wheel-National Harbor

3. BowCraft -Scotch Plains NJ

4. Atlantic Pier Amusement-Atlantic City NJ

5. Flow Rider Tickets-Wildwood NJ

6. Casino Pier & Breakwater Beach-Seaside Heights NJ

7. All day Water Park-Wildwood NJ

8. Clementon Park & Splash World-Clementon NJ

9. Keansburg Amusement Park-Keansburg NJ

10. Jenkinson’s Boardwalk-Point Pleasant Beach NJ

11. Quassy Amusement Park-Middlebury CT

12. Funtown Splashtown USA-Saco ME

13. Luna Park in Coney Island-Brooklyn NY

14. Bayville Adventure Park-Bayville NY

15. Hershey Park-Hershey PA

16. The Vacation Sensation-Orlando FL

17. Disney Hotels-Orlando FL

18. Disney Hotels-Orlando FL


Have Fun!




Amusement Park Fun

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